31. Oktober 2017

FilmTech #4: Augmented Reality and New Forms of Storytelling

This monthly Meetup addresses FilmTech enthusiast from all walks of life. Our aim is to develop an interdisciplinary FilmTech community at the touchpoint between the film industry and the start-up & tech world. The Propellor | FilmTech Meetup Berlin is an event of the Propellor FilmTech Hub. www.propellorfilmtech.com
co-hosted by Streampark TV.
More info about the event and speakers here: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/PropellorFilmTechBerlin/events/241790712/

Beginn: 31. Oktober 2017 19:00
Ende: 31. Oktober 2017 22:00
Ort: Supermarkt
Telefon: (+49) 30-609 875 905
Supermarkt, Mehringplatz 9, 10969 Berlin


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