Zsolt Szentirmai, 23.Oktober 2013

Thank you to all who attended our three-day WORKAROUND event!

During this special symposium, workshop and community meeting, we delved into the various models of work organisation and community approaches that ensure life and work quality. For our WORKAROUND Freitagsfrühstück and Symposium at SUPERMARKT, we went behind the cliché of the freelance worker to explore the old and new territories of unions and cooperations as tools for achieving common goals. We then rounded off the three-day event with an interesting exchange of strategies and structures of self-organisation in a dynamic Community Meeting at ANCB.

For now, here is a selection of photos from across the three days. Please stay tuned for more critical blog posts from the event curators Kate Martin and Ela Kagel, documenting this inspiring event and raising ideas to continue this important discussion as well as the momentum built from WORKAROUND.


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