On July 2nd, we kicked off our first event of “Art, Money and Self Organization in Digital Capitalismus”, a series of events based on new financial technologies, peer to peer-economies, digital networking and the impact on artistic production. Together with ten amazing speakers, we discussed several models of how the arts and the commons could inform each other.
What is this event series all about? Please check the curatorial statement here: http://www.supermarkt-berlin.net/en/arts-commons/Please also check the event page of our kick-off event ARTS & COMMONS on July 2nd at Forum Factory.

What was the main focus of ARTS & COMMONS?
Our launch event was based on discussing and developing commons-based economies within the Berlin arts scene. What are the options of building self-organized infrastructures that generate more independence, variety, justice and autonomy among artists? On July 2nd, artists, hackers, commons-experts and collaborative economy insiders were starting to work on various models for a commons for the arts

Who was invited?
We were really glad to have such a superb group of international speakers: