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Follow-up post Capturing the Buzz

22.April 20140

A month and a half after the workshop Creating and Documenting in Templates I am thinking back about the gathering in SUPERMARKT and the preceding weeks of exchange and preparation. It is a while ago. Maybe the insights and memories have watered down a bit. But I don’t think that is a pity. Time has >>>

Study table: a curatorial experiment

03.September 20130

From the last week of September SUPERMARKT is home to a study table with a regularily changing collection of books, magazines, articles and pictures. The first month this table will be filled with materials about coworkingspaces. Parellell to the table there is a Tumblr page with pictures, texts, videos, podcasts, etcetera. It is our idea >>>

Serendipity and why it matters

23.Juli 20130

On Wednesday, June 26th we hosted a Serendipity Lab. Jurriaan Pots, our colleague from Amsterdam, has written this personal account on the topic of Serendipity and why it matters to us at SUPERMARKT. The text is divided into two parts: the first part deals with our thoughts and expectations prior to the Serendipity Lab, the >>>

The Wedding Dress festival & the Brunnenviertel

10.Juli 20130

Each year housing company degewo organizes Wedding Dress – Festival for Urban Fashion and Lifestyle – in the Brunnenviertel. This podcast investigates the strategy and goal in organizing this festival: does it help stimulating the creative atmosphere of the Brunnenviertel by supporting local artists and designers? Or is the festival mainly a vehicle to give >>>