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Blame the Farmer, not the Internsheep

25.November 20130

By Kate Martin In an extended version of her presentation given at WORKAROUND in October, Katja Petrova’s DIY Masterclass at SUPERMARKT last week raised many important issues and questions regarding the state of interning today both internationally and locally. Rather than being anti-internship, Katja’s research highlighted the widespread rise of the unfair or exploitative internship, >>>

Feminism or Female – that’s NOT the question

11.Juni 20130

Last April I attended Supermarkt’s Berlin’s Media Art Community: A Female Perspective. Like the short and snappy 7 minute speaker presentations, I will get straight to the point of my impressions of the evening… When asked what it was that impacted the most on the careers of these outstanding women in Berlin’s media arts community, >>>