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The Study of Love: Drugs, Photographs & Philosophy

10.April 20140

On Sunday 13th April The Class of Love will take place at SUPERMARKT, hosted by artist and academic Kate Hollett. In this second part of a two-part blogpost she discusses the theory, practice and personal story behind this event. Love is a Drug To look at the brain and the effects on the body when we are >>>


23.Oktober 20130

Thank you to all who attended our three-day WORKAROUND event! During this special symposium, workshop and community meeting, we delved into the various models of work organisation and community approaches that ensure life and work quality. For our WORKAROUND Freitagsfrühstück and Symposium at SUPERMARKT, we went behind the cliché of the freelance worker to explore >>>


10.Oktober 20130

By Jurriaan Pots In preparation of the WORKAROUND event I thought it would be nice to analyse some of the issues that the conference deals with in a blogpost. Rather than going into all the individual ideas and initiatives that will be presented, instead I am focusing on more general tendencies in the working world, and in >>>