Ela Kagel, 04.Januar 2017

Some people are so poor – all they have is money! This quote was brought up by Christophe Guené, founder of the financial self-help platform Unite!, during his presentation. In many ways, this characterized the overall theme of the PLATFORM COOP – START YOUR OWN!-event from December 9-10, 2016 at Supermarkt and Agora. A group >>>

Ela Kagel, 04.September 2016

We are happy to present our next workshop COMMUNITY VALUE on September 23-24. This upcoming event starts with an assessment of peer value, compensation of individual contributions, money and credit systems within collectives and community currencies at large. Matthew Slater, Community Currency engineer, will facilitate the workshop during the day and towards the evening, Berlin-based >>>

Ela Kagel, 18.Juli 2016

On July 2nd, we kicked off our first event of “Art, Money and Self Organization in Digital Capitalismus”, a series of events based on new financial technologies, peer to peer-economies, digital networking and their impact on artistic production. Together with ten amazing speakers, we discussed several models of how the arts and the commons could >>>

Ela Kagel, 19.Mai 2016

Durch Firmen wie AirBnB und Uber ist die Sharing Economy in Veruf geraten. Ist der digitale Traum vom nachhaltigen und gerechten Teilen deshalb ausgeträumt? Ein genossenschaftlich-solidarischer Ansatz, Kooperativismus genannt, zeigt, dass es auch anders geht. Die Kuratorin und Autorin Ela Kagel ist seit vielen Jahren selbst in dieser Szene aktiv und schaut sich in diesem >>>

Ela Kagel, 26.April 2016

This PlatformCoopBerlin report by Thomas Dönnebrink and Ela Kagel comprises an introduction into the notion of platform cooperativism, references and links to main activists, activities and further readings. You’ll also find a report on the first #platformCoopBerlin meet-up in Berlin on the 04.03.2016, including a transcript of Michel Bauwen’s speech at this gathering. This article >>>


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