Blockchain-based Distribution & New Forms of Storytelling

Blockchain-based Distribution & New Forms of Storytelling
1. November 2017 19:00
1. November 2017 22:00
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Streampark & Propeller Meetup


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29.August 2017


Blockchain-based Distribution & New Forms of Storytelling

Join us for this FilmTech Meetup and an evening full of Insights | Inspiration | Interaction. FilmTech Meetup #4 Berlin is a collaboration between Propellor FilmTech Hub &  BlockchainHub Berlin


“Blockchain-based revenue distribution for content creators and film producers” with Maria Tanjala and Irina Albita of

“Blockchain-based distribution of audiovisual content” with Peter Harris of

“New Forms of Storytelling” with Saskia Kress of – an app that extends the film cinema-going experience into the cityscape

The Propellor | FilmTech Meetup Berlin is an event of the Propellor FilmTech Hub.



Maria Tanjala, Irina Albita
Founders of Big Couch (London)

Maria and Irina will speak about their plans to launch a new product that will make revenue distribution for independent films and video content more transparent and accessible through blockchain technology.

Big Couch was listed in 2017 as one of the most disruptive startups in the film industry by EU-Startups. Maria Tanjala and Irina Albita set up Big Couch in late 2014 with the desire to enable crews to become invested in the films they work on. They standardise the back-end deals, with a clear revenue of deferred payment and profit shares. After successfully implementing ‘crewfunding’ in UK and Europe, they aim to disrupt the indie film sector further with a seamless process of distributing the revenues for content creators and independent film producers. They are researching integration with blockchain technology and smart contracts with support from Imperial College London. Maria is a former filmmaker, having worked both as crew as well as producing, with experience in handling budgets and hands-on production. Irina has a background in technology, governance and finance and has run several startups in the past.


Peter Harris
Founder of Resonate

Peter will speak about the #stream2own music streaming cooperative Resonate and the possibilities offered by the blockchain technology to connect creators and consumers of audio content.

As a web developer since the 90′s, Peter has built hundreds of sites across dozens of industries. Having special focus on the music business, he has collaborated with numerous musicians from struggling artists to mid-level bands and even a few platinum-selling superstars.  With a day job as web dev, Peter had a night hobby as DJ and electronica producer, using virtually every web and music publishing platform available. Finding them all lacking, this combination of background and insight is what led to the fundamental features to be offered via Resonate. Beyond Resonate, Peter is actively contributing to groups and initiatives seeking to create a blockchain-based standard for music metadata and licensing.

Saskia Kress

Founder and CEO of Filmtank and Interactive Media Foundation

Saskia  will speak about producing cross-media theme worlds and conveying sophisticated content in a modern way. In her view, especially the areas of education, new media and their technological progress offer unique opportunities.

Saskia Kress, CEO of Filmtank and the Interactive Media Foundation, has been designing and producing documentary films and media projects for many years. Both companies are experts in realising projects with different formats like film, digital, game and Virtual Reality. Her work has been recognized with a variety of awards such as the SXSW Interactive Innovation Award, German Digital Award, the Grimme Online Prize, Annual Multimedia, Digita and the Federal Prize for Cultural Education.





Moviefy is an app that extends the film cinema-going experience into the cityscape; it augments reality and creates stories that depend on the actions and actual environments of the users, turning them into the main character of the story and the city into a movie set.




19:00     doors open, networking
19:20     intro by organizers and host
19:30     ignite talks followed by Q&A
20:30    networking




This edition of the Propellor | FilmTech Meetup Berlin is generously hosted by

Streampark was founded in 2008 and offers a broad range of web development and IT services in combination with online audio and video streaming. In 2010, the Streampark team has also co-founded the digital media project space SUPERMARKT Berlin. The SUPERMARKT space is regularly used for workshops and themes around digital transformation and current societal topics.
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