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Theresa Heinz, 21.May 2015

After four exciting years with more than 300 conferences, workshops, all kinds of community meetups, exhibitions, hackathons, sprints, DIY masterclasses and many more, we will say goodbye to both our current location and our programme at the end of June. Why? We have always seen SUPERMARKT as a hybrid space, with a strong focus on >>>

Theresa Heinz, 29.January 2015

„Von der geteilten zur teilenden Stadt – Berlin auf dem Weg zur Sharing City“ verhieß der Titel unserer Veranstaltung einschließlich Projekte-Pitch und Barcamp am 27. Januar im Weddinger SUPERMARKT. Unser Autorenteam – Andreas Arnold, Thomas Dönnebrink, Ela Kagel und Ute Scheub – hat dort die Ergebnisse der Potenzialanalyse im Auftrag der Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft, Technologie >>>

Ela Kagel, 05.December 2014

  Results of the ‘Bitcoin meets Blue Marble’-Workshops within the Berliner Gazette annual conference SLOW POLITICS from 13.-15.11. in SUPERMARKT.   PREFACE This (incomplete) list aims at identifying support structures, tools and knowledge that can be of help for activists to get organized. This list addresses all sorts of civic movements, individual activists, temporary groups of interests, >>>


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