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Ela Kagel, 30.October 2017

Please read this inspiring publication by our friends and partners from Tesserae Urban Social Research about the Mehringplatz Anknipsen-project which we hosted for more than a year! This booklet is the final outcome of the training program developed in Berlin by Tesserae Urban Social Research within the EULER transnational exchange, a collaboration between organisations >>>

Ela Kagel, 27.September 2017

Summary of the Platform Coop meetup on September 20th, 2017 at SUPERMARKT: When we invited people for our latest #platformcoop meetup we didn’t have a particular agenda in mind. Our main interest was to call everyone who is currently in Berlin and associates with the concept and ideas of platform cooperativism – no matter whether >>>

Ela Kagel, 29.August 2017

Platform coops respond to the market failures of the online economy – the following info graphics, published by the Platform Coop Consortium, shows you how:


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