SUPERMARKT is moving on

After four exciting years with more than 300 conferences, workshops, all kinds of community meetups, exhibitions, hackathons, sprints, DIY masterclasses and many more, we will say goodbye to both our current location and our programme at the end of June.

We have always seen SUPERMARKT as a hybrid space, with a strong focus on everything experimental. Together with many other activists and producers we have explored new topics and collaborative formats, which have allowed us to build up a reputation far beyond Berlin.
Now 3 years of EU funding, that has enabled us to curate and produce a monthly programme and that has also helped us support many external events, are coming to a close. At the same time, the rent and operational costs are rising and we have increasing issues with the infrastructure of the space.
So we had the choice of either letting the space become more commercial or of reducing its size. We opted for the latter. This also gives us the opportunity to redefine the scope of our activities after four years of non-stop programming.

What’s next?
We planned to rent a beautiful, inspiring area for collaborative work & workshops at our friends’ in STATTBAD Wedding from July onwards. Unfortunately, we have just received the latest news about the (temporary) closure of the Stattbad. We are currently trying to find out whether or not we are able to move into the new space as planned. We’ll keep you posted on this!

Are we still open to collaborations?
Oh yes! We will continue our current partnerships, for instance with Berliner Gazette and Public Art Lab on digital themes, we will keep up our local networks, for example with the Kulturnetzwerk Wedding-Moabit and we will also still co-operate with different collaborative economy initiatives.
And we are open to your ideas, as always.

Information on our future activities can be found on our homepage, or here or here.
In the coming weeks, we will reduce the SUPERMARKT offers step by step. You can still join us for co-working and events until Thursday, June 18th.
On Thursday, June 25th, we will say goodbye to our great space and our neighbours at the Brunnenviertel and welcome everything that lies ahead with a big party. Please save the date!
Yours, the SUPERMARKT team