Ela Kagel, 30.October 2017

Please read this inspiring publication by our friends and partners from Tesserae Urban Social Research about the Mehringplatz Anknipsen-project which we hosted for more than a year! http://www.tesserae.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/SWITCH-ON-MEHRINGPLATZ_web.pdf This booklet is the final outcome of the training program developed in Berlin by Tesserae Urban Social Research within the EULER transnational exchange, a collaboration between organisations >>>

Ela Kagel, 27.September 2017

Summary of the Platform Coop meetup on September 20th, 2017 at SUPERMARKT: When we invited people for our latest #platformcoop meetup we didn’t have a particular agenda in mind. Our main interest was to call everyone who is currently in Berlin and associates with the concept and ideas of platform cooperativism – no matter whether >>>

Ela Kagel, 29.August 2017

Platform coops respond to the market failures of the online economy – the following info graphics, published by the Platform Coop Consortium, shows you how: https://platform.coop/about/why-platform-co-ops

Ela Kagel, 01.June 2017

This is the documentation of our workshop “Culture as Commons – from the Creative Industries to Collaborative Economies” from May 24.-26., 2017 in Madrid. Hosted by the Goethe Institut Madrid and Medialab Prado, this workshop was part of the larger conference & workshop series #Kulturkabinett. Together with a group of inspiring cultural producers & cultural >>>

Sascha Bardua, 30.May 2017

While the Supermarkt-team is working on collaborative learning models since its very beginnings, we are happy to constantly finding new partners who develop their own approaches to learning in the digital age. Today, Sascha Bardua, initiator of the project “The Mosaic Bus” is presenting his new Medium article series to the SUPERMARKT community: Learning has >>>


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