Post-Money Utopias

Post-Money Utopias
12. May 2017 10:00
12. May 2017 17:00
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18.March 2017


Post-Money Utopias

DAY 1: WORKSHOP // FRIDAY, MAY 12 from 10am to 5pm

As the global financial crisis proceeds, not only the capitalist system is being questioned, but also money itself.
More and more people start to explore alternative metrics for value transactions, trade and service exchange. They seek to value and reward work that benefits society (through services, products, care or investments), that is normally not recognized by the monetary economy. Community currencies are on the rise, as well as barter systems, time banks or different forms of resource-based economies.

So far, only individuals or small communities live the moneyless life. Nobody knows how this could work on a larger scale, for instance in a city. Is it possible to scale trust? Is bartering better than money exchange? Is resource sharing equivalent to democratic control? And does a gift economy automatically lead to more equality, freedom and solidarity?

Eliminating money does not seem to be the solution for all the problems related to money either – because money is not just a transaction medium, but a massive cultural and social ideology.

In light of all these discrepancies and complexities, this event provides a space for exchanging utopias of a post-money society. Everyone interested in alternative approaches is invited to engage in some collaborative thinking.
Join us to discuss alternatives to the traditional money system. We will share thoughts and ideas of how a fair and more inclusive economy could work. Finally, we will also look into the notion of the Commons as a possible way to overcome money-centric thinking.

We have invited eight speakers to share not only their expertise in money, but also their personal vision of a world without money. We want workshop participants to walk away with a better overview of alternative economies and ideas of how to implement some of these practices into their own lives.


Martin Batta-Lochau, Gemeinwohlökonomie Berlin-Brandenburg
Focus: Solidarity Economy, Ecological Sustainability,  Social Justice

Arne Bollinger, Founder of the Gift Economy-Plattform Ecobasa
Focus: Gift Economy, Communities, Local Networks

Friederike Habermann, Economist, Historian, Author and Researcher.
Focus: Commons-based Peer-Production

Pierre Lischke, Nomad, Blogger, Coach
Focus: Relation-based Gift-Income

Georgia Nicolau, Founder of Procomun Sao Paolo, Brasilien
Focus: Commons, Peer-Production, Cooperative Businesses

Nina Treu, Co-Founder of Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie
Focus: Post-Growth Societies, Degrowth, Group Processes

Ewoud Venema, Blogger, Initiator of “Vrij met Geld” and author of “Step into Creation: Guidebook for a co-creative universe”
Focus: Money-free life, co-creation

Noel Wigdor, CEO and Founder of Jaspr
Focus: Barter Systems, geldlose Transaktionen

Lino Zeddies, Board Member of Monetative e.V.
Focus: Money Reform, Currency Systems, Money Utopias

Registration: Please send us a registration mail until May 5, 2017 to
Tell us a bit about yourself and your interest in the topic.

Language: English
Dates: The workshop will be held Friday, May 12, from 10am to 5pm.

Fee: This workshop is free of charge. However, booking is essential! (See above)

Supported by  Regierender Bürgermeister von Berlin, Senatskanzlei, Kulturelle Angelegenheiten/City Tax
Produced by SUPERMARKT Berlin, in cooperation with Streampark GmbH & Co.KG & Tesserae Urban Social Research Group.

Curator: Ela Kagel
Project Management: Birgit Krall
Tech & Documentation: Zsolt Szentirmai
Event Visual: Anne-Christine Plate
Website Design: Gloria Buddrik


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