// WORKAROUND Day 1: Freitagsfrühstück — Beyond the freelance cliché

// WORKAROUND Day 1: Freitagsfrühstück — Beyond the freelance cliché
18. October 2013 09:00
18. October 2013 12:00
5 Euro fürs Buffet


(+49) 30-609 875 905
Supermarkt, Brunnenstrasse 64, 13355 Berlin
20.September 2013


// WORKAROUND Day 1: Freitagsfrühstück — Beyond the freelance cliché

WORKAROUND Day 1 is dedicated to the multitude of freelance structures in the Brunnenviertel microcosm

October’s Freitagsfrühstück kicks off the WORKAROUND series with a workshop and presentation session. Hear from five inspiring women from the Brunnenviertel who have helped establish freelance work structures in northern Brunnenstrasse and who will provide us with fresh insight on freelance culture beyond the typical clichés of the flexible, creative and young media worker. There is a rich microcosm of freelancers in SUPERMARKT’s neighbourhood, with people of many different nationalities, age groups and professions. Let’s see what we can learn from each other!

Programme: Breakfast buffet and the workshop start at 9am, then presentations will be given from 10am—11:30pm, with time afterwards for discussions, Q&As and breakout groups.

9—10am: Life as a Freelancer // Workshop with host Nina Buschle [SOMEWHERE]
Join us if you lead the freelance life here in Berlin – as a designer, developer, writer, producer, marketer or other. We’ll exchange experiences about the challenges of negotiation such as how to handle pesky clients, how to keep track of your work load, and how to handle working on your own.

Information on SOMEWHERE: SOMEWHERE loves helping people share exciting insights of their work and practices. But there’s nothing like meeting and connecting people in real life, which is why they’ve introduced Somewhere Conversations, a new conversational workshop format bringing together passionate people around common topics of interest to exchange insights on practices, processes, techniques, methods and tools. It’s about learning from peers, getting inspiration and meeting like-minded people.

10am—12pm: Freitagsfrühstück WORKAROUND Presentations & Discussion

Zehra Özedmir, Founder & CEO of Destiny Diversity Academy, a organisation for continuing education that offers trainings of migrants for migrants.
Beate Chudowa, Board and active member of Brunnenviertel e.V. Amongst other things, she organises a round table for freelancers on a regular basis.
Heike Fahrnländer, JobKiosk Berlin-Wedding, a new initiative for jobseekers & freelancers.
Ela Kagel, Co-Initiator of SUPERMARKT, a meeting point of various creative professions in the Brunnenviertel area.

Registration: To reserve your place this event, please send a short email to rsvp@supermarkt-berlin.net with the subject heading ‘WORKAROUND’, also specifying which day/s of the 3-day WORKAROUND Conference you wish to attend.

Language: The presentations will be held in German. Comments, questions and feedback are welcome multilingual. We happily assist with translations throughout the event.

Cost: 5 Euro for the breakfast buffet. Everybody is welcome to attend, also those who do not wish to purchase the breakfast buffet.

Location: SUPERMARKT, Brunnenstrasse 64, 13355 Berlin. SUPERMARKT is an accessible venue.


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