Transartfest Biennial Exhibition: ”Carry On”

Transartfest Biennial Exhibition: ”Carry On”
3. August 2013 18:00
9. August 2013 20:00
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Supermarkt, Brunnenstrasse 64, 13355 Berlin
21.Juni 2013

Carry On

Transartfest Biennial Exhibition: ”Carry On”

Die allgegenwärtige Mobilität und ihre Funktion als Vehikel der Neuverortung und -kontextualisierung ist das Thema der Ausstellung „Carry On“. Aus einem Open Call (der sich an alle Mitglieder der Transart-Community und Freunde richtete) werden exemplarische Kunstwerke ausgewählt, die auf ihrer Rückseite Informationen vom Kreativen zum Betrachtenden tragen.

Mehr Informationen nachfolgend auf englisch:

Carry On” is a trans-genre* exhibition and performance event on the topic of contemporary mobility held as part of the Transartfest Biennial 2013 in Berlin. Artists will be selected from an open call to Transartists and friends. Works will be selected by an international jury of artists and curators.

We are curious about you, your practice, your personal themes and topics and hope to learn more through the contents of your baggage. All artists, architects, writers, academics and curators are invited to attend the festival and selected applicants will bring or send their “carry on” to share in the dialog and contribute to our research efforts on the nature of “trans”.

The focus is on the international artist’s liminal status or utopian practice, between countries and cultures, as messengers, bridges, provocateurs, working more often than not in temporary spaces and condensed time frames, artists as immigrants, emigrés, expatriates, and ambassadors, your inbetween status can be addressed directly or may be reflected indirectly through your work for us to glean ourselves.Further, “Carry on” defined: 1. cabin luggage 2. to carry on, conduct, maintain, carry on a thriving practice; 3. to engage in, carry on a love affair; 4. to persevere; carry on in the face of disaster; 5. to behave in an excited or uncontrolled manner, to rant and to rave.

Transartists and friends are invited to alight at this year’s Transartfest Biennale. Historically Transartists come together summers in Berlin for a short period of exchange, collaboration and critique. It is in this spirit that the Transartists call is extended to other artists. The parameters of the exhibition acknowledge the transient nature of an international creative practice and the practical or preferred reasons we travel light.

“The theoretical recognition of the split-space of enunciation may open the way to conceptualising an international culture, based not on the exoticism of multiculturalism or the diversity of cultures, but on the inscription and articulation of culture’s hybridity. It is the inbetween space that carries the burden of the meaning of culture, and by exploring this Third Space, we may elude the politics of polarity and emerge as the others of our selves.” ― Homi K. Bhabha, The Location of Culture


Saturday, August 3
18:00 – 20:00 Reception and vernissage “Carry On”

Sunday, August 4
“Carry On” exhibition opens
18:00 – 20:00 Open frame night event

Friday, August 9
“Carry On” exhibition closes

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