OuiShare Talk & Conversation with Charles Eisenstein: The Age of Communities

OuiShare Talk & Conversation with Charles Eisenstein: The Age of Communities
25. April 2014 19:00
25. April 2014 22:00
English (but questions and feedback also encouraged in German)
Free entry


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Supermarkt, Brunnenstrasse 64, 13355 Berlin
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25.Februar 2014


OuiShare Talk & Conversation with Charles Eisenstein: The Age of Communities

*PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CAN’T RESERVE ANY MORE SEATS – BUT YOU ARE STILL INVITED TO JOIN US*Join us for this special event where we aim to get a better understanding of the sharing economy, focusing on both Eisenstein’s work as well as local Berlin (and international) initiatives exploring new economic and labour models.

“We are all under systemic pressure to find something to sell, so aspects of life turn into a service. This pressure is pushing towards economic growth, which means more and more of nature being converted into products, and more and more human relationships being converted into services. The whole thing works as long as there is still some nature to commodify, and something we call community that can be turned into monetised relationships.” – Charles Eisenstein [We are entering the moment where anything is possible, OuiShare, Sep 2013]

7:00pm Introduction
7:15pm Keynote Lecture by Charles Eisenstein
8:00pm Question & Answer Session (audience feedback encouraged)
8:30pm Short impulse sessions by guest respondents including Thorsten Wiesmann (artist, scientist, author), Thomas Dönnebrink (OuiShare Connector Berlin), Ela Kagel (Founder of SUPERMARKT) and more guests to be announced shortly.

About Charles Eisenstein
Charles Eisenstein is an author and speaker who focuses on such wide-ranging themes as consciousness, civilisation, human cultural evolution and de-growth economics. Charles shot to fame as a social and spiritual philosopher with a unique perspective among the Occupy protesters in late 2011, at which time his viral short films and online essays captured widespread attention and reflected the yearning for change that was sweeping across the world. Since then his public speaking engagements and workshops have grown in popularity throughout North America and Europe, as signaled by the pages of videos and musings on his work on YouTube.

In the past couple of months Eisenstein has conducted a speaking tour in cities throughout Norway, Scotland and England to discuss the ideas in his new book, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Tell us is Possible. Drawing on the themes of his previous two books, The Ascent of Humanity and Sacred Economics, this shorter and more accessible work gives an overview of the “transition between worlds” that he believes we are all going through, both psychologically and on a systemic level. The invisible belief systems and ideologies that sustained our civilisation are now falling apart, he writes, and we are being forced to awaken to a “new story” about who we are, the purpose of life, and the sacredness of both life on earth and our true nature as human beings.

Further info:

Time & Date: Friday 25 April 2014 at 7pm (doors open at 6pm)
Address: SUPERMARKT, Brunnenstrasse 64, 13355 Berlin
Cost: Free entry
Language: English, but questions and feedback also encouraged in German
Refreshments: Drinks and snacks available for purchase from the bar
Registration: To register please send a brief email to rsvp@supermarkt-berlin.net

More events with Charles Eisenstein in Germany:

Public talk Charles Eisenstein “Money, Gift, and Society in an Age of Transition”, University of Bielefeld, Saturday April 26 at 15:30h

Workshop with Charles Eisenstein “(Transition) Activism and Leadership Intensive”, Bielefeld, Sunday April 27th from 9h-15h
To register: http://www.transition-initiativen.de/xn/detail/4645225:Event:73979?xg_source=activity


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