Create Your UnConference with Open Space

Create Your UnConference with Open Space
15. Oktober 2014 09:30
15. Oktober 2014 18:00
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Create Your UnConference with Open Space

You’ve attended an UnConference, BarCamp or other Open Space self-organising event, and would love to bring it to your own business or community. Can it really be as simple as it looks?

The answer is both Yes and No!

Yes: Open Space events simply happen by creating a container for self-organisation and then letting go. Then the people who have gathered will create the event they need. I.e. “Whoever comes is the right people” and “whatever happens is the only thing that could!”.

No: Open Space does not begin where most people think it does: in a circle of chairs. It begins long before, with the discipline of Opening Space with the event sponsors, creating a strong and welcoming invitation, getting the word out, and preparing a supportive space. This is the secret of getting ” the right people” into the opening circle. And then, the magic always follows!


THIS COURSE WILL TAKE PLACE IN A MIX OF GERMAN AND ENGLISH. Teaching and in-class resources will be mainly in English but Deb is multi-lingual. Conversation and group exercises can take place in German. Preparatory reading will be sent to you in both English and German.


Open Space training usually takes place in multiple-day workshops. On the other hand, the basics of creating such an event are available in books and online. This one-day course combines these two learning approaches.

We assume you are highly motivated, and that you enjoy interactive learning. We therefore ask you to do some assigned reading and writing before arriving for our one-day workshop (preview here), so we can skim over the basics and get to what’s really interesting: applying Open Space specifically where you need it. These exercises will be sent to your email address in advance, in both English and German.

When you arrive, we will design a day that meets the needs of the group. Topics will be covered in more or less depth depending on your level of preparation and your interests. Deborah incorporates “back of the room” teaching elements that keep you actively engaged to increase learning and retention.

COST: 500€

includes snacks on-site and VAT.
A non-refundable Xing/Amiando ticketing fee will be added to your purchase.

Note that we will eat lunch together nearby, with each paying for their own meal.
If this course fee feels out-of-reach for you, please read the next section…


Diversity is energizing and helpful when people work together. For this reason Deborah Hartmann Preuss encourages people with no income or limited income to register.

If you are passionate about this topic but find the price out-of-reach, please contact me to discuss a price reduction that makes this event accessible to you. Yes, it may feel awkward, but don’t wait! I want to meet you and help you make your event successful!


Note that this course assumes you understand the basics:
1) you have attended an OpenSpace or BarCamp unconference, and
2) you already have a particular group and event in mind.
(If not, you must make up a scenario to roleplay with during the preparation exercises and workshop. Without this, it won’t make much sense for you) and
3)you commit to doing the 5 reading/writing preparation exercises, before arriving at the workshop.

When you meet, you’ll cover:
-What have you learned so far?Open Space concept map
-What is this “space” we speak of?
-Holding Space: the role of the facilitator.
-The importance of the invitation
-Preparing the “container” – physically and culturally
-Prepare your own script (Law, Principles, Process…)

Depending on participant interest, other likely topics include:
-When to use Open Space, and when not?
-Roleplay: is your organisation ready for Open Space?
-To document or not to document the sessions?
-How do you resist the request to intervene?
-Design a theme that attracts “the right people”
-Practice your opening (particularly for those with real projects coming up).
-Convergence: the Moving to Action step that usually gets left out.

The content of this course will, in fact, be shaped by the people who join us there, because it is interactive!
You will leave with a first draft of your own facilitation script, with a personal “next step” and a resource list in hand
The course includes, for each participant, one hour of free mentoring with Deborah Hartmann Preuss, while preparing your next event.

YOUR TRAINER – Deborah Hartmann Preuss

Her passion is bringing joy back to work. She does this all over Europe as a coach, facilitator, and trainer, living in south-western Germany. She was privileged to learn the practice of Holding Space from Larry Peterson in Canada, and in the past 10 years she has hosted, attended and facilitated many Open Space events, in three languages, in Canada, the US, Germany, France and Switzerland. With Naresh Jain, she co-created the AgileCoachCamp viral conference format, which has run over 40 worldwide since 2008. She rarely attends “traditional” conferences any more :-)

She is collaborating on this workshop with Ela Kagel, Berlin and Dina Sierralta, Hamburg.


PLEASE cancel as early as possible. When you register, you will receive a link to use in case you need to cancel – when you uses it, you will receive an automatic refund, minus the Xing/Amiando admin fee of ~6%.

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