#easydataclip Workshop- Using Instagram to share data stories.

#easydataclip Workshop- Using Instagram to share data stories.
17. Oktober 2014 14:00
17. Oktober 2014 18:00


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07.Oktober 2014


#easydataclip Workshop- Using Instagram to share data stories.

What if we told a relevant data story to every person who followed us online? In this 4 hour analog visualization workshop you are going to explore the possibilities behind data representation through a 15 seconds instagram video.

Here you can watch some videos made in other #easydataclips workshops:

See the whole analog visualization project http://www.handmadevisuals.com/

What you are going to do:

1. Identify and search relevant information to share
2. Tell a data story in 6 or less scenes using simple materials as legos, m&m´s, balloons, pieces of paper
3. Make a 15 second video using instagram to share with the world!

What you need:

- Videobeam
- Speakers
- It is necessary that each participant has a smartphone with instagram
- Good actitud and imagination!

You may need additional materials but Jose Duarte is going to provide the participants with some handmade visualization toolkits : )

Registration: Eventbrite

About the workshop leader:

Jose Duarte is a Colombian designer, magister in communication and Ledfish co-founder, an information design company. Unlike most of the infographics we see today, his data visualizations aren´t high-quality computer-aided; they´re handmade using simple items like balloons, tape and ruber balls. Using ordinary materials he has experimented with various visualization techniques from area charts to bubble graphs and ven diagrams in diverse scenarios as business, art, street interventions and even astronomy. Now, he is exploring simple ways to visualize information quickly and easily and his work – particularly the handmade visualization toolkit and the #easydataclip proyect – has inspired and encouraged people to approximate to data visualization for the very first time.

His work has been published by Gestalten´s book Visual Storytelling and has appeared in world wide specialized magazines and blogs as Owni, Marie Claire, infoaesthetics, brainpickings and Co.Design among others.


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