Freelancer Thursdays #4 – How to Freelance

Freelancer Thursdays #4 – How to Freelance
22. Januar 2015 19:00
22. Januar 2015 21:00
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Freelancer Thursdays #4 – How to Freelance

Ein monatliches Event für alle Freiberufler_innen in Berlin mit Drinks, Networking und selbständig Arbeitenden aus allen möglichen Bereichen – in Zusammenarbeit mit dem ‘Freelancers Movement’.
Hier alle Infos auf Englisch:
Get together at the monthly Freelancer Meetup, this time on Thursday. Come to have a chat, meet freelancers new and old and exchange ideas about the best and the worst of this Berlin freelance life.
We will have 2 speakers this month, followed by a short panel discussion where you can ask the speakers questions and get answers to some of your most burning questions either from the panel or the audience.

Topic: ”How to Freelance”
New in Berlin? New to Freelancing or just decided that this is the time to get all your papers in order?  This event is for you.

Nicole Abramowski
is an American living in Berlin for over three years and will give a talk on “How to Apply for Work Permits in Berlin”. She is writing an eBook all about this topic and works as a freelance coach interpreting for new expats at German offices and helping them apply for their work permits. She will give an overview of the work permit application process and the different options available for those individuals who will not be officially sponsored by a company, such as the freelance and artist work permits in addition to the preparing to study, search for employment and German language learning permit options and can answer audience members’ specific questions.

Sarah Simonnet from OBV will give a short presentation on the topic of “How to work as a freelancer in Germany”.  OBV are offering free workshops for up to 10 people and this talk will briefly cover the content offered, namely:

How to Register
The different types of employment
Choosing health insurance
How the tax system works


  • 19:00  Free welcome drinks (sponsored by oDesk).

    19:40  Presentation: “How to Apply for Work Permits in Berlin”.

    20:00 Presentation: “How to work as a freelancer in Germany”.

    20:00 Audience / Panel discussion .

    21:00  ’One Minute Mic’ An opportunity to address your peers, introduce yourself or ask for help with something.

    21:15 Networking.

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