Freie Medienkunsträume und KuratorInnen in Berlin: Ein Offener Präsentationsabend

Freie Medienkunsträume und KuratorInnen in Berlin: Ein Offener Präsentationsabend
13. März 2013 18:30
13. März 2013 22:30
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(+49)30-609 875 905
Supermarkt, Brunnenstrasse 64, 13355 Berlin
28.Mai 2013


Freie Medienkunsträume und KuratorInnen in Berlin: Ein Offener Präsentationsabend

Während der letzten Meetings des reSource Netzwerks für freie Medienkunsträume und KuratorInnen in Berlin gab es eine interessante Debatte darüber, wie sich die Mitglieder des Netzwerks (und alle anderen Interessierten) etwas näher kennenlernen und einen tieferen Eindruck in kuratorischen Themen, Projekte und Organisationsformen bekommen könnten. So entstand die Idee eines Offenen Präsentationsabends, bei dem Projekte, Inspirationen und künftige Themen vorgestellt werden sollen. SUPERMARKT freut sich, einen Offenen Präsentationsabend am Mittwoch, den 13. März 2013 ab 18:30 zu organisieren.

Wir freuen uns darauf, die reSource Community bei uns begrüßen zu können. Ziel des Abends soll es sein, Ideen für neue Arbeiten zu teilen und die Möglichkeiten der Zusammenarbeit zu erweitern. Alle VertreterInnen von Medienkunsträumen oder KuratorInnen sind eingeladen, auch wenn sie nicht selbst präsentieren sondern nur zuhören wollen. Ihr wart noch nie bei einem reSource Meeting mit dabei? Kein Problem. Der offene Präsentationsabend ist eine gute Gelegenheit, verschiedene Menschen aus dem Medienkunst-Netzwerk in Berlin kennenzulernen.

Event schedule

18:30 Event commences

19:00 Introduction from Tatiana Bazzichelli [on the reSource network]

19:10 Introduction from Ela Kagel [on SUPERMARKT]

19:20 Introduction from Michelle O’Brien & Kristin Trethewey [on speed-presentations format & plan]

19:30 Speed-Presentations Round 1, followed by short discussion

20:00 Speed-Presentations Round 2, followed by short discussion

20:30 Speed-Presentations Round 3, followed by short discussion

21:00 Drinks & discussion at the SUPERMARKT bar


Christian de Lutz [Art Laboratory Berlin]

Christian de Lutz will be presenting Art Laboratory Berlin’s current series on Synaesthesia, which continues through until mid-July with two exhibitions opening on 22 March and 31 May respectively. In addition there will be an interdisciplinary conference on synaesthesia in early July with perspectives from artists scholars and neuro-scientists. The theme for 2014 is on artistic perspectives in the life sciences. With the working titles [macro]biologies and [micro]biologies a series of exhibition, performances and workshops will cover topics from human disruption to the planet’s biological systems to the ethics and aesthetics of artists working with living creatures to the science and politics of food and the microbial sublime.

Melanie Zagrean & Pierre Wolter [Art Claims Impulse]

Pierre Wolter and Melanie Zagrean, the two directors of Art Claims Impulse, will present the concept of the gallery in the media art space and will show material from curations that were shown at the gallery (‘Reflective Interventions’ Series). Also included in the presentation will be the curation shown in Beijing, China, in 2010 at Today Art Museum. Pierre will also speak about the current level of acceptance of media art and some future curatorial plans, as well as ACI’s intention to connect to other institutions in order to promote and present media art more actively beyond the already established ‘hubs’ such as ZKM or festivals like transmediale or Ars Electronica.

Stephen Kovats [r0g media]

Stephen Kovats, director of r0g media, will present a special ‘review’ event of ostranenie festival. ostrenenie93 – the first comprehensive video and new media festival aimed exclusively at the the role that media culture played in the societal transformation process in Eastern and Central Europe opened on 7 Nov 1993 at the Bauhaus, Dessau. Directed by Stephen Kovats, curated together with Inke Arns, and in collaboration with the then newly formed Werkleitz Gesellschaft, the festival helped create one of the first platforms for artistic and cultural dialogue between East and West. It’s 1993 edition premiered perhaps the world’s first ‘internet art work’ HANDSHAKE by the Berlin collective Lux Logis (Barbara Aselmeier, Joachim Blank, Armin Haase, Karl Heinz Jeron) and by default of the times went on in its further editions to trace the catastrophic turbulence of the conflicts that tore Yugoslavia apart. 20 years later, on 7 Nov 2013, a special public review of ostranenie is being planned.

Paolo Podrescu aka Podinski [XLterrestrials]

Paolo Podrescu aka Podinski is a writer, vj/dj/xj and co-founder of the XLterrestrials, an arts and praxis laboratory. With a background in theater, film and media, he has created work in collaboration with Piranha Events, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Documenta 13, transmediale, Kulturbrauerei, Arena Berlin, Globale Festival, Chaos Communications Congress, Giraff Graff Co., Ars Electronica. Currently he is developing CiTiZEN KiNO, a touring film, net and theater hybrid to encourage a new form of literacy, i.e. Media Self-Defense. Podinski will discuss his work on PSYCHO-MEDIA ANALYSIS, CiTiZEN KiNO, why we think that maybe technological ‘progress’ in a society with a dismal operating system might just be like poking yourself in the eye with a smart and sharpened i-stick, and ideas for how one might properly assess the current situations via community interventions.

Gregor Sedlag [c-base]

c-base e. V. is a non-profit Berlin association of around 450 members. The purpose of this association is to increase knowledge and skills pertaining to computer software, hardware and data networks. Gregor Sedlag will give an introduction of what c-base e. V. is, and how to take advantage of it for projects, events and other collaborations. |

Topsy Qur’et [OCTO+]

Topsy Qur’et was born in Canada, grew up in England, studied Landscape Architecture in Scotland and Thai Buddhism in England. He has since worked as an artist in Newcastle for the past 20 years and is currently looking into possibilities of moving to Berlin. Topsy’s project OCTO+ is an imaginary network, the source being the Telekommunisten OCTO P7C-1 project that was first demonstrated at the reSource 002: Out of Place, Out of Time panel discussion: Imaginary Networks. Topsy then supported the Telekommunisten Collective successful installation OCTO P7C-1 at HKW this year. Topsy will present plans for the next stage of the OCTO+ project and the actual yellow tubing that was used in the transmediale HKW installation.

Apartment Project team [Apartment Project Berlin]

Apartment Project, founded in 1999 in Istanbul, has been an open platform for production based exhibitions, mobile workshops, interdisciplinary collaborations; presentations and discussions. Since September 2012 Apartment Project is active in Hertzbergstrasse 13 Berlin by suggesting several ways for communal living and collective production models that focus more on process. Although the Project is not only focused on technology based art, such projects as John Grzinich’s in Istanbul and Martin Hiendl’s in Berlin are in direct contact with what will be discussed in the meeting at SUPERMARKT. Apartment Project Berlin is open for new ideas and collaborations in the future related with technology based art as well.

Jasmin Grimm & Verena Schwarz [Public Art Lab Berlin]

Through the presentation of artist projects that Public Art Lab (PAL) and its partners will produce for the Connecting Cities Network (2013-2016), Jasmin Grimm & Verena Schwarz will introduce you to their studio and its vision of Urban Media in our present and future urban and rural environments. The Connecting Cities Network is supported by the Culture Programme 2007-2013 of the European Union. The aim is to facilitate an exchange between urban activists, creatives, passers-by and city inhabitants from all over the world via media façades and large digital screens in conferences, artist programmes and workshops. PAL has actively promoted the development of interactive communication formats for intercultural exchange amongst others with the Mobile Studios in 2006 and the Media Facades Festival Berlin in 2008 and Europe in 2010. |

Erika Siekstelyte [Panke]

Panke is a creative multi-purpose space in Wedding. Its main aim is to promote experimental and fringe creativity in Berlin, as well as to offer an alternative meeting point for the up-and-coming creative scene of Wedding. Panke serves vegan food during the day and hosts evening program in a warm environment. Additionally there are more than 150m2 space for different creative activities and a garden to relax alongside the river Panke. Erika Siekstelyte and Panke’s Light designer will present a couple of Panke’s new projects in development, including an LED screen on the ceiling in Panke’s large room and light objects in Panke’s gardens along Panke river bank.

Eintritt: kostenlos

Sprache der Veranstaltung: Englisch

Ort: SUPERMARKT — Brunnenstr. 64, 13355 Berlin (U8 Bernauerstr oder U8 Voltastr)

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Image: reSource blog


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