Women, Leadership & Female Entrepreneurship

Women, Leadership & Female Entrepreneurship
26. Mai 2014 19:00
26. Mai 2014 21:00
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16.Mai 2014


Women, Leadership & Female Entrepreneurship

Levo Berlin and WoMen’Up are pleased to invite you to their first event. Join in on our free-entry event on Monday 26 May at 7pm, and take part in a fantastic conversation about women and leadership and female entrepreneurship alongside Wiebke Witt, a Berlin-based social entrepreneur and consultant.

We look forward to meeting you!

Wiebke Witt is a psychologist and has lived in Germany, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Ghana and Kenya and worked with many clients in and from diverse sectors, countries and cultures. She has an infectiously positive attitude towards people in general. Achievement of communication despite barriers and a positive attitude toward change characterise her. In addition to her job as entrepreneur and CEO of Witt Consulting, she is actively involved in several social educational projects in Berlin, Germany and in Nairobi, Kenya (www.wirgestaltenev.de). She is the mother of two and lives in Berlin.

Levo is a growing community of professional women seeking advice, inspiration, and the tools needed to succeed. Levo League is a social good startup designed to elevate young women in the workforce by providing the career resources needed to achieve personal and professional success. We hope the support from Levo’s community of like-minded women will be invaluable in helping our members achieve their career goals. At Levo, we are working toward our vision of a future where there is no income or achievement disparity between women and men across industries. Our mission is to create a trusted community of young professionals who are invested in supporting each others’ success in game-changing leadership positions.

WoMen’Up is a Paris-based association that works on gender diversity in the workplace using the Generation Y as leverage for change. We are convinced that gender diversity is a means of performance leverage for organisations, being a major factor in attracting and retaining talents. WoMen’Up puts businesses and actors of the Generation Y in contact with each other in order to foster exchange and promote the emergence of innovative and lasting political directives in regards to gender diversity.



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